Explanation of Services

Speech Therapy

The Scottish Rite Foundation of Colorado provides grants to its speech-language partners to help defray the cost of speech therapy for qualified children and their families. Qualification is determined based upon need and family income. These partners are the professional care-giving organizations such as Children's Hospital Colorado. The Foundation pays the grants directly to the care-giving partner and not to the family.

A family seeking financial assistance is required to make written application to the partnering clinic. Interested families should contact the clinic regarding the application process. Application information is held in strict confidence by the clinic which applies strict confidentiality and privacy of information requirements.

The clinic director or other clinic official and a Scottish Rite appraisal committee make a determination - based on family income and need - regarding application approval and, if approved, at what dollar level.

Generally speaking, the Foundation does not pay for 100% of the therapy costs. Families are expected to participate in paying for speech therapy — except in the most extreme circumstances, which are rare.

Most, but not all, children who are enrolled in the RiteCare program are of preschool-age. The Foundation is unable to provide financial assistance for adult speech therapy.

Early Language and Literacy Training

Two RiteCare partners provide early language and literacy training for preschool-age children in selected communities. These RiteCare partners do not provide speech therapy, but will make referrals for children who have speech-language problems.

Graduate Scholarship Assistance

The Foundation awards graduate-level scholarships in speech-language pathology. The scholarships are awarded, on a competitive basis, to second-year Masters Degree students in Colorado attending either the University of Northern Colorado or the University of Colorado at Boulder.